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Warm Bamboo Massage

Treat yourself to a massage like no other!


Touted by high-end spas as the latest luxury experience bamboo massage, also called bamboo fusion, is actually a centuries old practice.


The Chinese began using bamboo in a multitude of ways long before there was even paper to write on.  In ancient times the Chinese  would used thin slivers of bamboo to record their history and from there they began to utilized this natural grass in many ways ranging from musical instruments to elaborate decorations, artwork, and even agricultural tools. Since bamboo was incorporated into so much of daily life, it wasn't long before it was used as a form of creative and spiritual expression, which quickly took on ritual and healing connotations. 


In many Asian cultures bamboo still symbolizes life energy, prosperity, longevity, sexuality, and fertility. In China, stalks of bamboo denote eternal youth, strength, prosperity, and peace.

Your Questions Answered

What kind of Warm Bambboo services are available?

You can select from 2 different services, the Ultra Bamboo massage or the Swedish Bamboo massage .You can also add on bamboo to a regular service.


What is included in an Ultra Bamboo massage?

An Ultra Bamboo massage is an extended service using a variety of warmed bamboo sticks over the entire body to promote deep relaxation. The massage includes a synergistic oil blend tear drop treatment over the back that encourages a sense of inner balance and well being. Extra attention is paid to the hands and feet and a facial massage using Shira Organic moisturizers specific to your skin type is used. This massage is the one you will remember long after you get off the table.


What is a Swedish Bamboo massage?

A Swedish Bamboo massage is a classic full body massage that will utilize a variety of warmed bamboo sticks to promote a deep sense of relaxation through long flowing massage strokes known as effleurage.  It's a perfect way to enjoy bamboo in a standard length service.


What kind of oils or lotions are used?

During your Ultra massage I will use an organic Grapeseed oil on your body. Shira oragnic moistirizers will be used for the facial massage as well as an organic synergistic blend of oils for the tear drop back treatment. Swedish and Deep Tissue massages will include the use of Lotus Touch creams or lotions and Biofreeze as indicated.


How much do these special services cost?

Service prices vary depending on the service. Please see the Service page for detailed information. 


Can I book a Warm Bamboo massage on-line?

No. Because of the additional time required for me to properly set up your Warm Bamboo massage I request that you call me to set up your appointment. In this way I can ensure that your service is all that it is meant to be.

You can reach me at 973-945-6533.

Some the Benefits of a

Warm Bamboo Massage


  • a deeper sense of relaxation

  • less stress to the body  during deep work

  • warmed bamboo promtoes better circulation

  • a feeling of enhanced well being

  • a completely organic experience 

"I have been to different massage therapists and had my first experience with Kelly on August 5, 2015. It was a gift from my daughter and her fiance, who have been to Kelly several times. Her warmth and caring are evident from the minute you meet her. The hot bamboo massage was like nothing I've ever experienced. I was so relaxed, and the music and wind chimes were very soothing. Kelly's positive energy seemed to flow through the bamboo and her hands! I will definitely be a repeat client! Thanks, Kelly"

                            * Barbara Murray *

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