What is the best massage for me?

Because the massage experience is such a personal one that is a tough question to answer. In trying to decide on the service best suited to your needs ask yourself "why am I getting this massage ?" To relieve acute or chronic pain? To rehab an injury?  Perhaps you're trying to stay on top of your game by being preemptive.  Serious athletes understand the importance of recovery in their training and how it will affect their performance later on. Make your choice based on your answer to that question.  You can look here for a description of services or if you are still unsure you can call me at 973-945-6533 and we can discuss your needs before you decide.

Your name says "Therapeutic Massage Services" but I don't see therapeutic massages listed.  Why?

By today’s standards, because of the education required to become a licensed massage therapist, any professional massage is therapeutic, with real health benefits. Therapeutic massage is a general term that describes any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem—such as a frozen shoulder. But the phrase "therapeutic massage" can also be used to indicate that the massage will be a little more intense than a pure relaxation massage and perhaps deal with long-term or chronic issues. I will at times use more pressure as well as other techniques in order to get the muscles to  release. 

What are the differences in massage pressure? 

Massage pressure ranges from light to medium to heavy and deep.  But again, this becomes a subjective question. Since every person percieves pressure differently what may be "medium" pressure to one perspon may feel like "deep" pressure to another.  I will ask you for a general preference and then adjust as necessary based on the area we are working on, whether or not there is injury to the area and most importantly your level of comfort. Just as through years of driving experience you automatically know how much gas to give the car I can judge to a certain extent if the pressure is appropriate. However, at all time, you are in control of the massage and you should feel completely comfortable in asking me to adjust to your needs. This massage is about you not me. 

Do I need a perscription for a medical massage?

No. Medical massage is a term that is interchangeable with clinical massage, evidence based massage or therapeutic massage. It is used to differentiate between a massage being performed for a specific ailment with an expected outcome and a massage being performed for stress reduction and relaxation.


What types of massage do you offer?

New Day Bodyworks offers a varied menu of massage services including Sports, Deep Tissue and Swedish massage as well as other diversified wellness and medical massage services. Please see the Service Menu page for more information. 

How long are the sessions and how much do they cost?

Session lengths and prices vary depending on the service. Please see the Service Menu page for detailed information.

Do I take my clothes off for the massage?

Generally speaking most people disrobe for the massage. To what level you disrobe is entirely up to you and your comfort level. It is strongly recommended that you wear loose fitting comfortable clothing such as gym shorts or other similar attire for easier stretching if you chose to remain clothed.  You will be properly draped (covered) at all times during the massage session. Only the area being worked on will be exposed. It will be required that you remove your shoes for all sessions except Chair.

Will you use oil or lotion during my massage?

Depending on the type of massage you are receiving there may be some oil or lotion used for your comfort. If you have any allergies or sensitive skin please be sure to mention that prior to beginning your session. 

How often should I get a massage?

That depends on you. We will have a conversation about your training volume and intensity, whether or not you have chronic pain or acute injury, and other factors. For some athletes, a weekly massage gives huge results. Other people only get an occasional massage if they’re in pain. The best way to reduce the effects of hard training or chronic pain is with regular massage. I suggest you try a series of 3 to 5 massages to see how you feel when the positive effects accumulate. Then you’ll be able to decide how often you need a massage after that. However, it is a fact that even getting massaged once a month regularly has long lasting positive impact.

How Do I Book an Appointment?


Call me today to schedule your appointment


Will you bill my insurance for the massage?

No, I'm sorry but I am not equipped to bill insurance companies for massage. Payment is expected at the time of service. I will however be happy to give you a detailed billing statement if you wish to bill your insurance seperately. Pleas request the billing statement in advance of your appointment so that I have it prepared for you.