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kinesio tape ® price schedule

Therapeutic Zone KinesioTape® Services

Pricing per Therapeutic Zone when combined with other massage services.


  • Head and Neck $25.00

  • Trunk and Back $30.00


Upper Extremity Taping

  • Shoulder and Arm $30.00

  • Elbow and Forearm $25.00

  • Wrist and Hand $22.50


Lower Extremity Taping

  • Hip and Leg $35.00

  • Knee and Lower Leg $30.00

  • Ankle and Foot $25.00


Combination Taping (more than 1 therapeutic zone)

Price of the primary therapeutic zone plus an additional $15.00 for each subsequent zone.


Stand Alone Kinesio Tape® Services

New Day Bodyworks, LLC is happy to offer Kinesio Taping® services without the additional cost of other massage treatments as listed below.


Injury or Condition Kinesio Taping®              $ 85.00

Initial assessment and screening, 1-zone taping and reevaluation (3-5 days). Refer to fee schedule above for subsequent or combination tapings.


Complex Kinesio Taping®                              $135.00

Taping for injuries or conditions that can only be provided by a CKTP

Initial assessment and screening, compound taping and reevaluation (3-5 days) with taping as needed plus 1 additional reevaluation (3-5 days) with taping as needed.


Event Taping                                                  $ 65.00

Pricing for 1 therapeutic zone per athlete.

  • Teams rates available for teams of 3 or more people.

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