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July 13, 2021

Notice of Price Change 

Effective August 1, 2021, please note that there will be a price increase of $10.00 for all 60 and 90 minute massage services. across the board

The new prices are as follows:

Classic Swedish Massage (60 min) $80.00 (90 min) $100.00, Sports Massage (60 min) $100.00 (90 min) $125.00 and Deep Tissue (60 min) $130.00

*Prices Do Not include NJ sales tax. Thank you all. I appreciate you and I’m thankful for your continued support. Peace ☮🕉☯️💜

June 18, 2020

Notice of Discount & Service Package Adjustments

Due to the recent forced shut down of massage services in New Jersey, NDBW will regretfully be adopting the following changes to the Discount and Service Package options typically offered.


Effective immediately Advanced Booking, Senior Citizen and “Thank You” Discounts to Military, Law Enforcement and 1st Responders will no longer be available. 


Further, NDBW will no longer offer pre-paid service packages; Buy 3 Get 1 Free or Buy 5 Get 2 Free.


Existing service packages that were purchased in the 6 months prior to the date of the forced shut down on March 19, 2020 (October 1, 2019) will be honored in their entirety for the next 12 calendar months from the reopening date of June 22, 2020. After June 22, 2021, any remaining sessions will be honored on a pro-rated basis for the remainder of the 2021 calendar year. As of January 1, 2022, any remaining sessions will expire. Packages purchased prior to October 1, 2019 will be honored in their entirety through December 31, 2020, any remaining sessions will expire.


I'm making these changes in hopes of avoiding a price increase before the end of the year. It’s always my goal to bring you the best wellness services I can provide at a reasonable cost. Thank you all for your continued support and patronage. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to discuss them with me. Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜 

June 16, 2020

New Policies For Post COVID-19 Massage Appointments

Please see the list below so you'll know what to expect when you come in for your first appointment after the reopening on June 22, 2020. I look forward to seeing you all. Peace friends. ☮🕉☯️💜


New Day Bodyworks, LLC’s Commitment to You

* The suite has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to reopening.

* The massage room and all common areas will be cleaned and sanitized in between every client.

* The bathroom will be cleaned and sanitized in between every client.

* Touch less soap, hand sanitizer and paper towel dispensers can be found throughout the suite.

* Porous materials that cannot be easily cleaned and sanitized have been removed from the suite.

* The use of hot towels and massage implements are discontinued to avoid risk of cross contamination.

* 24-hour cancellation policies are suspended, tardiness and “no call-no show” policies are still in effect.


My Personal Commitment to You

* Your health and well-being has always been and will continue to be my first priority.

* I will continue to maintain the same high standards of personal hygiene that I always have.

* I will take my temperature every morning and cancel appointments if it runs 100.4 or above.  

* I will be wearing a mask at all times for your protection.

* I will wear gloves upon your request.

* I will wear a smock over my clothing and I will change into a new one in between every client.

* I will not be doing any face or hand work for your protection and mine.


What Is Expected of You

* Clients are expected to arrive no more than 10 minutes early for an appointment.

* Clients will need to text or call me to be let into the suite.

* Clients are expected to come alone to their appointment, no one will be allowed to wait in the lobby.

* Clients are expected to wear a mask that they have provided, you will not be allowed in without one.

* Clients may or may not wear gloves that they provide at their own discretion.

* Expect to have your temperature taken at the door, if it runs 100.4 or above you will not be admitted.

* Clients will be expected to sign a COVID-19 waiver prior to receiving their first service after the reopen.

* Clients will be expected to answer a COVID-19 questionnaire before every visit.

* If at any time prior to your appointment you feel ill please cancel without penalty.

June 16, 2020

Change of Business Hours 

Commencing June 22, 2020, NDBW will operate at a reduced schedule of Mon - Fri from 9:30 am - 3:00 pm. I will be seeing 4 clients per day for 60 minutes sessions. The reduced schedule allows me time to do the extra sanitizing that's required to keep everyone safe. I will be calling clients back to schedule starting later today. There will not be an online booking option until after Labor Day at least. Thank you for your continued support and kind understanding. Peace friends. ☮️🕉☯️💜

June 12, 2020

Personal Service Businesses to Reopen on June 22, 2020 !!!!

I have been waiting an eternity to be able to post this! Massage therapy will return on June 22nd! Please DO NOT flood me with phone calls LOL
I will reach out to you all to get you re- scheduled as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon! Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

March 19, 2020

State Mandated Closure of All Personal Service Businesses 

By order of NJ all personal care businesses, including massage, are closed indefinitely as of 8:00 PM tonight. As such I have no choice but to cancel all appointments until further notice. I'll keep you updated as I get new information and get everyone rescheduled as soon as possible. Stay safe and well and I will hopefully see you soon.  Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜


March 9, 2020

CBD Products Available for Purchaser 

NDBW is excited to let you know that it's now retailing both a CBD topical cream and spray that can help provide temporary pain relief. Each product retails at $65.00 + tax. I will be happy to discuss the reported benefits of CBD products for pain and stress relief with you at your next session or over the phone.  Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

September 3, 2019

CBD Oil Now Available for Your Massage

By popular request CBD oil and oil blends are now available as an add on to your massage. I will be happy to discuss the reported benefits of CBD oils with you at your next visit. There will be an up-charge of $20.00 if you wish to include CBD oil into your next massage session.

Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

December 14, 2018

Notice of Service Menu Change

Effective January 1, 2019, heated services; bamboo sticks and Rothstones, will be discontinued. DMS will be discontinued as a stand-alone service bit will still be utilized at my discretion as treatment warrants. Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

October 9, 2018

Venmo is here!

NDBW is now set up to accept payment via the Venmo app.  For your convenience you can now pay for your service or purchase a package or gift certificate through the app at @KellyJacobusLMT.  Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

August 15, 2018

Notice of Price Increase

Effective October 1, 2018, please note that there will be an increase of $5.00 per massage service across the board. Package prices will increase accordingly.  Also effective October 1, 2018, there will be a change to the package add-ons. A $10.00 fee for heated add-ons; bamboo sticks & rothstones, will be assessed at the time of service. This is the first increase in prices and fees since I opened in 2014. I appreciate your understanding and I’m thankful for your continued support. Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

July 20, 2018

Change of Business Hours

Effective August 1, 2018 NDBW will be observing new business hours. Please visit my Hours page for the new schedule.  Don't worry If you already have an appointment scheduled outside of the new hours , we will still have the session as scheduled, there's no reason to change it. The new hours will give me a chance to bring new Alternative Wellness Services to all of you and hopefully help you in new and innovative ways on your wellness path. Thank you all for your continued support. Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

December 8, 2017

Buy your Gift Certificates online!

The gift of massage is always the best gift! Gift certificates are now available for purchase online. Simply scroll to the bottom of my Services page and click on the picture of the gift certificate. It will bring you to an outside link where you can purchase a gift card for a 30 or 60-minute Swedish, Sports or Deep Tissue Massage. Other massage services, session lengths and massage packages are not available on line and you will still need to stop by or call me to purchase those. Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

November 8, 2017

Book Now is Live!

Back by popular demand the Book Now button is live again! Existing clients, you can simply follow the link from here or Facebook and book your appointment on line. I will get a text letting me know the next time I will have the pleasure of seeing you. If you don't find a convenient date or time online always feel free to call me to see if there are any openings not showing on my online calendar. I look forward to seeing you again soon! Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜


November 4, 2017

Coming up! Open House & Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Please join me at 3:00 pm to officially open the Pine Street location of New Day Bodyworks.  Come check out our new home, have some champagne, nosh and spend a little quality time with all of us. Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017


Effective Monday, October 9, 2017 all massage and bodywork appointments will take place at my new location at the Pine Street Commons. 41 Pine Street, Suite 100, Rockaway NJ 07866. All clients are requested to come in 10 minutes early for their first appointment to complete updated paper work. Or if it's more convenient you can go to my Hours page and download and complete the documents before you come in for your appointment. I look forward to seeing you all at the new home of New Day Bodyworks! Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017

Moving News!

I have some exciting news to share with all of you. New Day Bodyworks, Therapeutic Massage Services is moving to a new location! Within a very short time I will be located at the Pine Street Commons in Rockaway. It’s less than 1 mile and only a 3 minute drive from my current location at Lusardi’s gym. My official new address will be 41 Pine Street, Suite 100, Rockaway NJ 07866. 

The new clinic space is at “street level” so there’s no more steps to climb to get to me! You will notice reserved parking spaces right next to the clinic when you arrive. The massage session will be much quieter and you will have more privacy as I am the only tenant in the space. There are other changes coming as well including a change in business hours and a streamlining of the services I offer so that I can better address your recovery needs. 

With all of these exciting changes on the horizon I also want to let you know what won’t change. Primarily Me! I won’t change and neither will the customized service you receive. I am still the sole therapist of New Day Bodyworks and my concern for your well-being will never waiver. Let’s also address the big question on everyone’s mind…cost. Be assured my prices will not change. Affordable services, packages, discounts and referral rewards will remain as they are for the next 12 months. It always has been and will continue to be my goal to bring therapeutic massage to my clients at a price they can afford.  Who knows, there may even be a couple of new programs in our future.

There is so much more I want to share with you but an email can only be so long. I will send out periodic updates by email or if you want up to the minute news check out my website at or Like my Facebook page at

Thank you all for continuing on this journey with me. I look forward to seeing you all again soon! Peace friends.  ☮🕉☯️💜

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